Leading by Example – Your Scrap Metal Merchants in Edgware

Scrap metal yards and scrap metal merchants, like Carey’s near Edgware, keep a close eye on national and globalfluctuations in the value of scrap to ensure that clients are getting paidevery penny owed to them. But some metals are simply bought and sold at higherprices due to their particular traits, usages and unchanging market factors.Many can be found in items you’d typically be looking to chuck in for wastedisposal, or can be found in unwanted vehicles – hence why we’re alwaysadvertising “scrap cars wanted”.

3 Valuable Scrap Metals

Copper – The most valuable scrap metal in terms of raw income is copper. Scrap metal merchants and scrap metal yards purchase it in the form of wiring, utensils and motors, to name just a few. Why is it so valuable? Because it can be recycled infinitely and has such a wide array of uses. Edgware homeowners and trades who might be re-wiring a home, demolishing aproperty (perhaps as part of a re-development), or clearing out an attic and garage ahead of a move, should keep their eyes peeled for copper to ensure it doesn’t end up being stuck in waste disposal. The same goes if you have old vehicle parts – or an entire vehicle that needs rid of(at Carey’s it’s always scrap cars wanted).

Brass – It may come as no surprise that the second most valuable metal is one containing copper, which is combined with zinc to provide an exceptional level of resistance to corrosion. This makes it ideal for use in things like gears, hinges and locks, which would get into a spot of bother if corrosion set in. Brass is also used to make a lot of musical instruments. Scrap yards and scrap metal merchants like our own near Edgware will pay-out decent sums for mixed loads of brass, so it should definitely be set aside if you’re collecting up materials for waste disposal, perhaps in anticipation of a move or as part of a monumental spring clean.

Aluminium – One of the reasons we’re so hot on our motto scrap cars wanted, is theincreasing amount of aluminium employed for parts like engine radiators,wheels, bumpers, hoods, doors, frames and much, muchmore. But aluminium can be found in all sorts of other locations, too. Thisincludes aluminium cans, electronic devices and kitchen utensils.Environmentally conscious residents in Edgware and its surrounds shoulddefinitely considering visiting scrap yards and scrap metal merchants withquantities of aluminium, as opposed to binning it via regular waste disposalmethods. It saves 90%+ of energy used in the primary production process, andkees raw materials in the ground!

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