Waste Disposal in Watford | Ethical Recycling Practices

Waste disposal is at the heart of our services but recycling has a major role to play at our scrap metal yards near Watford. The majority of our work involves the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, including iron, steel, lead, copper, brass and aluminum. Careys work tirelessly to increase recycling rates and most of the scrap metal we receive becomes a vital secondary raw material when smelted to make new metal.

Like all reputable scrap metal merchants, we want to do what’s best for our customers and for the environment. That’s why we keep landfill waste disposal levels to an absolute minimum. Maintaining a greener planet for our Watford, Hertfordshire and North West London customers is important to us, and recycling is the best way for us to achieve this.

What Can Careys Scrap Metal Recycle?

Our company, located three miles to the southeast of Watford in Bushey, has recycling rates in excess of 90%. Because we deal in scrap metal rather than general waste disposal, there is instantly a lower demand for landfill space. Below, we list some examples of what we can recycle and also explain how we make the best use of our modern depollution facilities.

Scrap Cars – We’re always on the lookout for scrap cars and accept or collect end-of-life vehicles at our Watford yard. We use our depollution facilities to remove hazardous fluids and chemicals, but salvage parts for secondary use and reintroduce the remaining scrap metal back into the production system where it is used to make new things.

We transfer collected fluids and chemicals to approved waste disposal sites.

Scrap Metal – We process scrap metal collected from clearance projects or from items brought to our premises near Watford. This includes copper from boilers, tanks and pipework, and brass from pipe valves and fluid manifolds. Careys separate different materials and, like the metal from cars, scrap is reintroduced into the production system.

Scrap Cable – Very few scrap metal yards in Watford and the surrounding areas accept scrap cable but we have the facilities in place to strip and process it fully. Recycling the copper from scrap cable reduces the demand for newly-mined materials and the need for landfill waste disposal. Our company pays top rates for cable and all forms of scrap metal.

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