Reputable Scrap Metal Merchants in St Albans | Carey’s Scrap

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely that you’re looking to sell scrap metal, or have seen our advertisement for “scrap cars wanted” in the St Albans area. Carey’s Scrap, operating out of nearby Bushey and covering all of Watford and its surrounds, offers the best prices for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the area, and process all quantities you might have for sale – from a small load you’ve acquired during a house clearance, to a massive one accumulated over the course of an industrial site demolition. We allow you to engage in the proper waste disposal practices, while earning money for it too!

As with the best scrap metal yards located throughout the UK, our site near St Albans has all the essential equipment to safely extract key metals, and depollute potentially toxic or otherwise dangerous components located in scrap items; this is especially important when dealing with vehicles we purchase as part of our scrap cars wanted push, which contain oil, antifreeze and similar liquids which can cause environmental damage or harm to our scrap metal merchants if processed negligently.

While we welcome St Albans clients to bring loads directly to our scrap metal yards, most aren’t in the position where this is convenient. That’s why we offer a collection service, using powerful plant equipment to make quick work of the waste disposal side of things, and quickly load and transport the metal back to our scrap metal merchants for processing. This collection service extends to non-runners or otherwise unwanted vehicles you’re looking to sell to us as part of our “scrap cars wanted” drive.

On top of the convenience of collection, versatility of what type and how much scrap we collect, a big reason to choose Carey’s Scrap over other St Albans area scrap yards and scrap metal merchants is our vigilance in regards to regulation and legality…

Scrap Metal & the Law

Prior to the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, there were many scrap metal merchants eschewing ethical business practices and operating with impunity; they’d often suspect they were dealing with stolen metal, but would offer cash for it anyway.

Then the aforementioned regulation was introduced, and scrap yards / scrap metal merchants like our own near St Albans, breathed a sigh of relief – for said traders were ruining the industry’s reputation. But what exactly does this act mean for you, the client?

A Ban on Cash Payments – Whether you’re responding to our scrap cars wanted ads, or in need of waste disposal that’ll net you some funds, note that scrap metal merchants and scrap yards are no longer allowed to pay in cash; you will need to accept a bank transfer or cashiers cheque.

Licencing of Scrap Yards & Scrap Metal Merchants – Beware unlicensed scrap yards and scrap metal merchants, they are not legally allowed to operate and their shadowy business practices are a major danger to potential clients. Carey’s Scrap is licenced and happy to show legal documentation upon request.

Identity Check – If you are visiting us with scrap, please be sure to bring identity documentation such as passport or driver’s licence. We will need to verify your identity in order to pay for your scrap.

What are you waiting for? If you have metal for sale in the St Albans area, call our experienced scrap metal merchants on 020 8421 9194 or 07788 145023.