Scrap Cars Wanted in Watford | Top Prices Paid

Do you live in the Watford, Hertfordshire or North West London areas? Would you like to cash in on the value of an end-of-life vehicle with one of the best-equipped scrap metal yards in the Watford area? Do you prefer to use ethical scrap metal dealers who take their recycling responsibilities seriously, and who use modern waste disposal practices?  If you do, Careys Scrap Metal would love to hear from you!

There are always scrap cars wanted at our premises in Bushey so, if your car is a runner and is legal to drive, bring it down to our scrap metal yards on the outskirts of Watford and let us pay you the highest market rates. If your vehicle is a non-runner, our scrap metal dealers can arrange a prompt collection anywhere in Hertfordshire or in North West London.

We promise to pay you for your end-of-life vehicle on the spot by BACS and will even complete the necessary paperwork before returning it to the DVLA on your behalf. And what makes us better than other scrap metal dealers and recycling companies advertising for scrap cars wanted in Watford is that we have our own onsite depollution facilities.

Most other companies in the region have to use facilities like our own at some point to dispose of hazardous fluids and materials. The cost of this is nearly always subtracted from the price you receive from your end-of-life vehicle so, in effect, you end up paying for a secondary service and leave yourself out of pocket on the TRUE value of your scrap car.

Innovative Depollution Facilities at Our Watford Scrap Metal Yards

Scrap car depollution and ethical recycling eliminate potential harm to human life and the environment. If the owner of a scrap car wanted to dispose of it responsibly, he or she would only consider scrap metal dealers or scrap metal yards in the Watford area with a suitable recycling policy and an advanced onsite vehicle depollution strategy.

Before recycling the salvageable parts from your end-of-life vehicle, Careys Scrap Metal removes the fuel, oil, brake and clutch fluid, antifreeze and air conditioning refrigerant. If scrap metal dealers don’t use the correct depollution practices for this type of work, the resulting contaminants damage the surrounding ecosystems of birds and other wildlife.

We’re proud to be ethical scrap metal dealers and recycling specialists for the Watford, Hertfordshire and North West London areas. Very few scrap metal yards in the region that advertise for scrap cars wanted can match us for our responsible outlook, or for the exceptional market prices we pay our valued customers for their end-of-life vehicles.

Cash in the value of scrap cars by calling our Watford scrap metal dealers on 020 8421 9194. Our yard is located in nearby Bushey.